We Provide Complete Computer Services For Home and Businesses

Let's face it. Trying to fix your digital stuff might as well be brain surgery—it's tough. That's where The Digital Docs come in. We'll find just the right prescription to cure your technology blues – at home or work, Mac or PC, at your location or in our hospital. From simple tune-ups to full-scale parts replacements and upgrades, The Digital Docs helps you conquer the digital divide.

Viruses, worms, spyware, malware, spam.

Unseen forces are waiting to attack your computers! These unwelcome annoyances can wreak havoc, but one call to The Digital Docs, and help is on the way. We've got the right medicine, and the right preventative programs to help keep your computer healthy throughout its lifetime. Read More


As much as we like the sense of satisfaction in helping people with their computers, we need to collect our fee at the end of a job well done.

Service is Scheduled by Appointment;
Please Call Ahead!
You can schedule a doc visit at 781.639.6070, or email doc(AT)thedigitaldocs.com.

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